Hyperthyroidism Revolution Review

Millions of people around the world are suffering from hyperthyroidism and this health issue prevents them from living a normal life. When the thyroid gland fails to produce the required hormones necessary for normal body functions, a whole host of problems arise.

Hyperthyroidism Revolution Review

Doctors have not been able to find a cure for this problem and the only remedy seems to be long term medication and even that has issues such as negative side effects. Long term hyperthyroidism medication has been linked to shaking and tremors. Insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, osteoporosis are just some of the issues that long term medication may cause

Hyperthyroidism may make you feel depressed, tired and weak. You may have constipation, dry skin, brittle nails, etc. Women may experience irregular periods.

None of this is fun and the idea of living with it for an entire lifetime can be quite a dampener on your mood. Thankfully, Tom Brimeyer, has written a guide on dealing with hyperthyroidism.

This guide is not the be all and end all to dealing with hyperthyroidism but it has helped thousands of people successfully deal with hyperthyroidism. It is an online bestseller having sold thousands of copies. Testimonials on the website also show that the method Tom reveals does work.

The premise of this guide is that hyperthyroidism can be dealt with in a holistic manner. By doing this, you will avoid the ill effects on long term medication. You may cause the symptoms to subside and even have control over hyperthyroidism.

The Good Points Hyperthyroidism Revolution :

1)    The Hyperthyroidism Revolution has a checklist that will make it extremely useful for sufferers to follow. Most people just want a quick and easy step by step checklist that they can follow and comply it. They do not want to be overwhelmed with tomes of medical information that will bore their pants off.

2)    The program is comprehensive. You get a 60 day step-by-step plan, shopping list guide, diet guide, toxic list, advanced diet guide, cookbook and much more. Tom has left nothing to chance. You get all the information you need to arrest hyperthyroidism and cure yourself to a point where you don’t need to bother about it.

3)    The diet calculator and meal plans are a fantastic idea. So many health problems can be alleviated just by watching what we eat. In the Hyperthyroidism Revolution, you will learn what foods to avoid so that that you do not agitate your symptoms. Priceless advice. 

4)    Nothing works for everybody. That’s a hard truth and while the program has helped the majority of people who purchased it, there is always the chance that it may not work for you. It’s highly unlikely but in the event that you didn’t derive any benefit from the program, worry not. There is a 100% money back guarantee. There is zero risk on your part.

The Bad Points Hyperthyroidism Revolution :

1)    As with any holistic program, you will not be treating the symptoms but going straight to the root causes. That means it will take time for the program to work. If you’re impatient and try to rush the process, it won’t work. You must stick with it till your body adapts and then you will see the changes and benefits.

2)    The product is only available online and you will have to download it. That can be a problem to people who do not have an internet connection.

Should You Get It?

If you have hyperthyroidism, you should do whatever it takes to try and ease your suffering. You owe it to yourself to give this product a try. Keep your expectations realistic and be patient.

Most people buy a product, rush through it hastily and botch it up. They then say that it doesn’t work.

Take your time and follow the advice in the Hyperthyroidism Revolution to the letter. It will most probably work for you… and if it doesn’t, you always have the money back guarantee.

Stop letting hyperthyroidism control your life. It’s time you took control. After all, it is your life.

>>> Get ‘Hyperthyroidism Revolution’ Now <<<

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The Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Product Description:

The very name of this program conjures up images of bronzed, muscular bodies like the actors in the movie 300. This product is actually a very interesting and unique one.

It’s an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies. That in itself shows that it’s a pretty successful product… but what differentiates it from all the other run of the mill bodybuilding guide (yes this is a program to get a fantastic body)?

The answer to this lies in the fact that while most bodybuilding and fitness guides teach you how to pack on slabs of muscle and get as big as you can, The Adonis Golden Ratio is all about proportion.

The author, John Barban, has truly understood what people find attractive. Most women and men prefer looking at a moderately muscular body. The kind that fitness models have. Actors such as Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and many more do their best to get their bodies to look like this.

They are not interested in developing the freaky huge muscles that the roided up participants on most bodybuilding competitions have. Women are actually a little afraid of these over-muscled apes.

What women want is a lean, proportionately-muscled man. That’s exactly what The Adonis Ratio is all about.

The Good Points:

1)    As mentioned earlier, the author is right on the mark. Anytime you hear women talk about muscles on a man, you’ll hear them mention the abs or the arms. It’s always these 2 muscles. You’ll never hear a woman say, “Oh wow! He has the best latissimus dorsi muscles I’ve ever seen!”… Nope it’s not happening, unless she is into body building. Abs and arms, period. The Adonis Ratio Program has an entire module dedicated to the arms and abs. Genius.

2)    The program is specifically tailored to suit you based on your body proportions. Everybody is different. The Adonis Ratio will show you exactly what proportions you will need to aim for. At least now you will have a target and it’s not about building as much muscle as you can

3)    There is actually a community forum for customers to mingle and support each other. This is priceless because sometimes when you are feeling down, you will have peer support to motivate you and even share tips with you. You’re not alone.
4)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.

The Bad Points:

1)    You will have to put in effort. Building muscles take time and there is a certain amount of dedication required from you.

2)    Some parts of the program are a little vague. You can find the answers in the forum. All the tips you need are there. You’ll just need to spend a few minutes looking.

3)    It’s an online product. You will need a computer and internet connection.

Should You Get It?

Definitely. The Adonis Ratio gets two thumbs up for its unique and extremely efficient nature. You are taught exactly what you need to do. Not more and not less.

You do not need a personal trainer. With 78 instructional videos, you really don’t need anybody but yourself to get a body that will turn heads.

If you have always wanted a body that will give you confidence and you didn’t have a roadmap to get you there, the Adonis Golden Ratio has your name written all over it. Get it.

>>> Get ‘Adonis Golden Ratio’ Now <<<

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Suspension Revolution Review

Suspension Revolution Review

Product Description:

Suspension training is the brainchild of TRX, a company dedicated to fitness. It is one of the most effective training methods around and suspension training has taken the fitness world by storm.

One of the issues of suspension training is that you needed a trainer to show you how to do it. Most of the time the trainer had to be qualified and that would mean having to pay them more.

Most people just want to do the suspension training on their own and not fork out more money over and above a gym membership. The TRX suspension trainer can even be hung at home so a gym membership is not even required for this super effective method. If you doubt suspension training’s efficacy, you should be aware that Navy SEALs use this method to train. Convinced? Of course you are.

Now how do you do suspension training if you don’t have a trainer to teach you?

The Suspension Revolution. That’s how. Created by Dan Long, this is probably the best suspension training instruction you can ever hope to get.

The internet is full of hyped up products that promise the world from slabs of muscle to getting ripped in days. The Suspension Revolution is NOT one of those. Even the video on their official site is fun and interesting. This is refreshing to see as compared to those long, drawn out videos littering other fitness sites.

The Good Points:

1)    The training methods in the Suspension Revolution are unique in the sense that the workouts are not your usual run-of-the-mill bench presses, deadlifts, etc. Thses workouts involve hanging, swinging and a lot of core work. You will be working muscles that conventional training just doesn’t train. Very effective for attaining muscle balance and strength.

2)    Over 190 exercises! Imagine that. Most trainers probably don’t even know half the moves. This is a very comprehensive program.

3)    There are beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. So, if you’re a beginner, you’re not just thrown into the deep end and left to drown. You actually can progress at your own pace till you are strong enough to do the more advanced moves.
That being said, you must be in reasonably ok shape to start this program. Obese or overweight people would be better off doing a cardio program and losing the weight first. Suspension training is not a walk in the park.
4)    Dan’s personality rocks. You can’t help but like the guy and his attitude.

5)    A 100% money back guarantee should ease even the most frugal person’s worries. There is zero risk. In the event, it’s just not for you, you can always get a refund.

6)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.

The Bad Points:

1)    This is a tough program. It really is. You must have some basic fitness. This is not a program to start if the last time you worked out was in 1940. Even with beginner exercises, there is a degree of difficulty. Expect to sweat. That is a given.

2)    This is an online program. You’ll need a computer and an internet connection to download it.

Should You Get It?

Are you into suspension training? Yes?

Then you need this. In fact, it’s the only thing you need besides the TRX cables. Applied knowledge is power. You will get the knowledge from this program. Just apply it and become fit. That’s basically it.

Awesome product.

>>> Get ‘Suspension Revolution’ Now <<<
(This Product Currently Unavilable)

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Ultimate Miracle Cure Review

Ultimate Miracle Cure Review

Product Description:

This is one of those products that raises the scam alert in most people’s minds. The video on the official website is pretty dramatic and the product claims to be a unique method of prevent and eliminate several types of diseases such as infections, headaches, influenza, etc. simply by using a combination of diets, supplemental plans and oxygen utilizing techniques.

Seriously? Yup. That’s exactly what the product creator, Kevin Richardson claims.

So the question is… Should you believe him?

The strange thing though is that this product is an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies. The official website has many testimonials from happy customers. So, it must work for quite a few people.

There is an element of truth to the product because a healthy oxygen supply has been shown to nourish the blood cells and have many positive health benefits. Combined with good nutrition and supplementation, your immune system will become very strong and any maladies that you may have had may disappear.

The Good Points:

1)    The techniques are simple and easy to follow. You will not need any special equipment to implement it.

2)    It only takes 15 minutes a day to put the program to work. Even the most harried soul living a hectic life can definitely squeeze in 15 minutes to do what the program asks for. In fact, it is these highly stressed people who need the program badly.

3)    Still skeptical? Worry not. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. The risk is all on them. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.
4)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.

The Bad Points:

1)    Skepticism. This will be biggest hurdle to cross. It’s all a state of mind. If you’re jaded and do not believe it will work, your efforts may be half-hearted and your results will not be satisfactory.

2)    You must follow the advice in the guide consistently to see results. This is not an overnight miracle product. It will take some time. Once you do put the plan to work, the results will start showing up.

3)    Nothing is perfect for everybody. While it may have worked for many, you may not get the same benefit. Worry not. You’re covered by the money back guarantee.

Should You Get It?

If you want to boost your immune system, it really cannot hurt to try the product. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose since the product has a guarantee. Your knowledge of nutrition, supplementation and proper breathing techniques will last you a lifetime.

If you are into meditation or yoga, the techniques in the Ultimate Miracle Cure will help you to get the best out of your sessions. This is one of the most unique products on the market and since it’s a copyrighted product, you probably will not find the unique information elsewhere.

The product itself is affordable and definitely worth a try.

>>> Get ‘Ultimate Miracle Cure’ Now <<<

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Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Review

Product Description:

The name of this product is pretty interesting… Eat Stop Eat. But, it describes the program perfectly. Eat Stop Eat is a guide on intermittent fasting. This method of weight loss has taken the fitness industry by storm and is one of the most effective ways of losing weight.

The popularity of the paleo diet has also caused a rise in the popularity of intermittent fasting. When combined, the weight loss is staggering. The method itself is unique because you are consuming the same amount of calories as you would on a normal day but the time frame you will eat it in is different.

Brad Pilon sums up the intermittent fasting strategy in 91 pages flat. You are told everything you need to know to perfect this method of weight loss. In fact, you could adopt it as your lifestyle and you’ll notice that you do not gain weight easily anymore.

The Good Points:

1)    The guide is written in a simple, easy to follow style. You do not need to understand complex biology to know how intermittent fasting will work for you. You just need to do what Brad says. That’s easy to do. It’s also a fun read

2)    The program is not created upon BS theory. There are currently many fitness products on the market with hyped up sales pages, muscular models in videos and snazzy graphics all designed to hook the na├»ve consumer in. The products themselves are untested theory that do not work.

Thankfully, Eat Stop Eat, is not one of them. The official website is not hyped up. It gels with Brad’s easy going style. The guide also makes several references to scientific studies so you know that this is not untested rubbish.

3)    This product is good for both men and women. Unlike some diet methods that are really harsh and cavemen like, this way of eating will appeal to women. You have much more flexibility and the sheer effectiveness of the method lends a certain laxity to eat. You will actually be able to eat a muffin or cookie here and there without adding 20 pounds to your waist.
4)    You will be taught when to recognize if your body is truly hungry. We live in a world where people eat when they are happy, sad, bored, angry, etc. They eat for every other reason and very rarely because they are hungry.
5)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.

The Bad Points:

1)    You will have to put in effort. This style of eating requires you to change your habits a little. It will take about 2 weeks for your body to adjust but once you’ve done it, you will love intermittent fasting..

2)    It’s an online product. You will need a computer and internet connection.

Should You Get It?

Two big thumbs up. This is an excellent product and probably the best guide on intermittent fasting out there.

The fact that you can eat whatever you want as long as you follow the method is truly mind blowing. Of course, you will have to eat in moderation but unlike other diets which are restrictive and don’t allow you to eat carbs, sugar, etc… you have a lot of flexibility with intermittent fasting.

You just need to do it right. In order to do it right, you need correct, easy to follow info. Eat Stop Eat…has your name all over it.

>>> Get ‘Eat Stop Eat’ Now <<<

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Boost Your Bust Review

Boost Your Bust Review

Product Description:

Pumps, pills, creams, herbs, surgery… we’ve heard them all. There are a myriad of methods on the market created to increase the bust size of a woman.

The reason for this is simple. Millions of women want bigger breasts. It may be hotly debated that it is shallow to judge a person on looks, etc. However, the fact remains that men do like a woman with a handful. The media does not help by using actresses who are well-endowed. This is the hard truth and it’s going to be this way for quite some time to come.

So, if you wish to increase your bust size, it’s neither good nor bad. Do what makes you happy. The Boost Your Bust program has made many women happy. Even the most skeptical person will admit that the testimonials on the official website do look very convincing.

The fact that it is an online bestseller also lends the product some credibility. But really, does it work?

The product creator, Jenny Bolton, seems to think so since she actually discovered the method through personal trial and error. Through proper diet, hormone manipulation and massage techniques, she managed to increase her bust size. This could be true since pregnant women often develop bigger breasts and even after giving birth, their bust remains bigger than it originally was.

The Good Points:

1)    The Boost Your Bust program is step-by-step and easy to follow. You will not be inundated with unnecessary information. You are only given pertinent points and helpful techniques. All you need to do is follow… and that’s pretty easy.

2)    The program is comprehensive. These are several modules that serve a specific purpose. To teach and guide you to get a bigger bust. In Chapter 1, you’re told exactly what to expect. In chapter 2, you learn the breast enlargement principles. You get cheat sheets in chapter 3. The most crucial aspect is covered in chapter 4 – hormones. There are other chapters that are highly beneficial too.

3)    The program takes time to see results. This is comforting because if you could do this in a week, it would make the program very suspect. Boos Your Bust states that it will take around six months to fully reach your potential, as far as breast enhancement goes. So, it’s not hyped up beyond reason.

4)    The author also gives you her personal email should you need help. This is very comforting. In most cases, once you buy the product you’re on your own. It’s very kind of Jenny to provide after purchase email consultation.

The Bad Points:

1)    You will need to buy some herbal supplements to complement the program. So, there are some added costs but it’s not that much. The products recommended are inexpensive and easily available.

2)    As with all things, nothing is perfect for everybody. We must be honest and accept the fact that there may be a few people who may not benefit from this product. However, this is probably the minority and even then they are covered by the money-back guarantee. Don’t let this discourage you. Give the product a try. It has helped thousands.

3)    The product is only available online and you will have to download it. That can be a problem to people who do not have an internet connection.

Should You Get It?

This is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. Since the product has a 100% money back guarantee, we’d recommend that you give it a try since there is no risk.

It has helped many women. It may help you and the author says that the results are permanent. That’s more than you can expect with pills or creams which are a waste of money.

A bigger bust may make you more attractive to men but it will also give you more self-confidence and if you’ve always been upset about being “flat-chested”, this product may give you happiness once you’ve gone up a cup size or two. That is definitely worth trying for. Everybody deserves to be happy.

>>> Get ‘Boost Your Bust’ Now <<<

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101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

Product Description:

We live in a day and age where more and more people are obese, unhealthy and sickly. Most of these ills are the result of a poor diet that is high in processed food, junk food, additives, preservatives, genetically modified food, etc.

There has been more change in our diet over the last 50 years than over the past century. The reason for this is that big companies are all out to get the dollar and can’t give 2 hoots about the health of their consumers.

Studies have shown that the majority of food items sold in supermarkets contain toxic ingredients. This is highly disturbing and that’s putting it mildly.

Thankfully, bestselling author, Anthony Alayon, has exposed the dark side of the food industry and written a book on exactly what foods are toxic, what foods you should avoid like the plague and reveals the truth about all the most common foods we consume.

It’s definitely about time someone spoke the truth.

The Good Points:

1)    This report is extremely detailed and nothing is swept under the carpet. It’s very refreshing to see a book that is so brutally honest it actually shocks and scares. We should be scared after seeing how much toxic stuff we are consuming daily. Being aware is half the battle won.

2)    There are many testimonials on the official website that lend credibility to this report. There is also a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Since there is zero risk, this is definite worth trying out.

3)    Not only are you told what to avoid, you’re also given alternatives and helpful suggestions regarding diet choices and decisions. So, it’s not just about highlighting the problem but you’re also taught how to overcome them. All you need to do is follow.
4)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.
5)    The information is mind-blowing and this is a very unique report. The attention to detail is unparalleled and that makes this a guide that you can trust.

The Bad Points:

1)    The info is so harsh that it can create phobias in people. Definitely the hard truth here. This may make some people just ignore everything and prefer to bury their head in the sand and act like it’s all hype.

2)    This is only available online. You’ll need a computer and internet connection to download it

3)    This is a highly informative product. You will have to spend time reading it, taking notes, etc. It’s not bedtime reading material. If you are willing to put in the effort and read it carefully, you will benefit from it.

Should You Get It?

Definitely. You can’t afford not to get it. It’s that important.

No amount of exercise, calorie counting, etc. will help if you are eating toxic foods. You can only know what these foods are if you get the guide. This crucial information is not easily available and is drowned out by false info that abounds in the media and online. This is intentional.

Learn the truth.

>>> Get ‘101 Toxic Ingredients Report’ Now <<<

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101 Super Foods Review

101 Super Foods Review

Product Description:

In the US, Australia and other countries, obesity is fast becoming an epidemic. Besides obesity, another problem that millions of people face is body aches and pains that seem to appear for no reason at all.

People just feel tired, stiff, painful, swollen and they have no idea why. They attribute it to getting old, pollution, genetics, bad luck and tons of other things. What most people do not know is that the cause to most of the inflammation they are suffering is caused by poor food choices.

This lack of knowledge is hurting them literally. In fact, the Time magazine has devoted an entire issue to covering inflammation which it terms as the “Secret Killer”… and it is. Inflammation is a precursor to a whole lot of other major problems such as cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, tumors, allergies, heart disease and much more. This information is enough to scare most people.

Yet, it’s true.

Mike Kesterdal and Rick Kaselj have written a book on the foods that cause inflammation and more importantly, they have given you 101 superfoods to fight the inflammation and pain you may be experiencing.

These 2 guys are ordinary people just like us. They are not celebrities on talk shows. They do have the necessary credentials that are required to give information that is credible and useful. That’s what makes this product so believable. It’s not hyped up and the focus is on solving people’s problems not on making a buck.

The Good Points:

1)    On the official website you are given 3 super foods you can consume to fight inflammation. Kiwis, green tea and pistachios. These are just 3 of the foods in the book and there are 101 such foods! You’re spoilt for choice. The foods are also delicious so you will not have to force yourself to eat stuff that you don’t want to.

2)    The program is comprehensive. You are also taught about the different vitamins and minerals required for good health. A deficiency in these vitamins may cause health issues such as joint pain and diabetes. Prevention is better than cure. Eating the super foods will be highly beneficial down the road by keeping you healthy.

3)    100 per cent money back guarantee. Awesome! Whenever a product offers a full refund should you find it unsatisfactory, in most cases it’s a really good product and not some shoddy product created by fly-by-night operators. You can trust this program.

4)    The author and his programs have been featured on several sites such as livestrong.com and the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Bad Points:

1)    You will need to buy healthy foods to consume. Some people may say that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. This is not true since most of the foods can be obtained at much cheaper prices from farmers markets. Also, you will save yourself on thousands of dollars in health costs down the road.

2)    The product is only available online and you will have to download it. That can be a problem to people who do not have an internet connection.

Should You Get It?

You should. This is one of those products that you should share with your friends and family. The information is important and will bring ease to many people’s suffering. Waking up daily to a body that aches and is pain is no fun and extremely demoralizing.

With just a few small changes in our eating habits and replacing bad foods for superfoods, we can be a picture of health and lead a pain free life. This product is a must-get. Period.

>>> Get ‘101 Super Foods’ Now <<<

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0-6 Pack Abs Review

0-6 Pack Abs Review

Product Description:

The abs and biceps have often be rated as the most attractive muscles by women in most surveys conducted by health and fitness magazines. The reason for this is that it’s extremely difficult to get a set of ‘visible six pack abs’. The key word being visible.

You could do a million crunches, leg raises and other weird ab exercises but if your six pack is hidden under a layer of fat on your belly, then in reality, all you’ll have is a one pack. Definitely not attractive by any means.

The 0-6 Pack Abs product is unique in the sense that it focuses on losing the fat and making your abs pop out in the full glory – at the same time. It is different from the run-of-the-mill abs guides that either focus on fat loss or training the midsection. 0-6 Pack Abs teaches you to train your body so that it works synergistically.

Created by a fitness expert, Tyler Bramlett and a doctor, James Vegher, you can rest assured that you are getting advice and training techniques that are safe and reliable. You do not want to be doing weird ab contractions that will make you throw out your back.

The Good Points:

1)    The most important point is that this product is safe to use. It’s good for newbies and veterans alike. Unlike TRX training which focuses on the core and is more suitable for people with moderate to expert level fitness, this product is good for anybody who wishes to have a six pack.

2)    There is a 100 percent money back guarantee. The risk is totally on the seller. Give the program a try and if it doesn’t satisfy you, at least you’re covered by the money back guarantee. However, the product has an extremely low refund rate so it must work.

3)    You get a manual, videos and mp3s. So, if you hate reading, you can count on the videos to guide you. You’re covered either. This is very thoughtful of the creators. Most programs currently being sold come in PDF format and many people just do not have the patience or inclination to sit and read a 200 page guide. Videos and audios make the process simpler and more fun.

4)    The program has been tested on several clients and has been proven to work. This is not untested theory that only sounds good on paper. Since, Tyler, used to be a personal trainer, he has first-hand knowledge of what works in reality and the difficulties actual people face in the real world.

5)    The program does not require a gym membership or hours of slaving and sweating away. The programs are quick and employ a variety of exercises designed to melt the fat, work the abs and get you the six-pack. The focus is NOT on doing crunches or sit-ups till your hair turns white. 

The Bad Points:

1)    This program will require work. It is a diet and training program. Buying it alone will not get you a six pack. You must apply the knowledge within to enjoy the benefits.

2)    The product is only available online and you will have to download it. That can be a problem to people who do not have an internet connection.

Should You Get It?

You should.

Tyler seems trustworthy and knows his stuff. He runs a fitness website with thousands of followers and has other best-selling programs such as Bodyweight Flow and CT-50.

The 0-6 Pack Abs has quick start video guides, video workouts, different phases, bonuses and much more. You’re definitely getting a comprehensive, high-quality program here.

>>> Get ‘0-6 Pack Abs’ Now <<<

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Collection of Books on fat loss, Muscle building, supplements and general training

Fitness-ebooks.com- Fitness Training Guides

Fitness-ebooks.com is a website that houses a collection of books on fat loss, muscle building, supplements and general training.There is also a free ebook section and review section where you can find reviews  of popular training books. Here are the reviews of few books from different categories that you will find on fitnessebooks.com.

The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of by Nick Nilsson:

The exercises included in this book are not variations of exercises you've already done in the gym. They are brand new exercises that you might have never heard about. The book includes exercises for every body part: triceps, traps, hamstrings, and wings, etc. Also, every exercise has tips and tricks, on the difficulties you might encounter, how to tackle them, and make the exercise better. It shows that the instructor has detailed knowledge about the routines that he has written about.

However, you might find that you can’t use some of the methods because of your own personal limitations. Nick’s book has between five and twelve exercises for every body part; however, there are two groups of muscles he did not include; the neck and the forearms.

Metabolic Surge Rapid Fat Loss by Nick Nilsson

 "Metabolic Surge" is a brilliant book on fat loss by Nick Nilsson. "Metabolic Surge" is loaded with the most intense and effective techniques for fat that you can find.

"Metabolic Surge" is about losing fat quickly. With the instructions given in the book you can lose ten pounds over the weekend. You will be seeing great results in thirty six days. The techniques in this book will help you melt fat fast.

If you have tried low intensity exercises for fat loss then you will know that they have limitations as well. In this book Nick explains about some great intensity training in the cardio section that will most definitely produce results. "Metabolic Surge" has information on everything from nutrition, exercises, reps, to lesser known techniques like "Muscle Rounds," and Lactic Acid Training. "Muscle Rounds" help you to make muscle with a fat loss program. Nick also effectively manages to manipulate body hormones to keep the body in a constant fat loss mode.

A drawback to "Metabolic Surge" is that it is a very intensive program. Though there is a preparatory section for the entry level trainee its still a hardcore program. There is however, a scaled-down version of the full Metabolic Surge program available for a beginner to intermediate trainer.

Also the low-carb approach makes it a difficult thing to follow. Some people may not even be able to do so for medical reasons. There is variation diet for people who can’t follow the low-carb method, but it may limit the results.

“Metabolic Surge" is an intense and effective training program.  It’s a must buy for bodybuilder who likes to train with some intensity.

These and other books are available on fitness-ebooks.com. You can read the details of the books on their home pages and read their reviews on fitness-ebooks.com. There is also a refund policy in place with the books just in case you don’t find them useful.

Ebook  FREE...The Most Effective, Time-Efficient Fat-Loss Workout I've Created in My ENTIRE 23+ Years of Training... HERE

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Easy Veggie Meal Plans

Easy Veggie Meal Plans

We know that dieting is a necessary part of losing weight and dieting is all about eating healthy foods, but we still get it wrong primarily because of our lack of knowledge about the foods we should choose from and eating habits we should adopt. ‘Easy Veggie meal plans’ is your source to helping you discover how to quickly lose weight the healthy way with new simple, easy, and cheap Veggie Meal Plans.

The difference between vegetarian and vegan is that Vegans eat no animal products at all; no eggs, milk, cheese or anything that has been cooked in animal fat. Vegetarians, on the other hand, will generally eat those things, or some plus or minus combination of those things.

Kardena Pauza is a former Ms. Fitness America; she will show you which foods to eat to lose body fat and which ones’ you should avoid. She will also teach you how to get enough complete protein sources so that you can maintain and even build muscle on vegetarian or vegan diet.

With easy veggies meal plan you'll get a 90-day meal plan for men or women that is full of vegan meals that will save you time and money. It will teach you how to begin a new vegetarian life style.

Some people may struggle when they start a vegetarian diet and even some people reportedly gain weight while starting vegetarian diets but it is all because they don’t know right vegetarian life style. The beginner vegetarians often eat all their meals from boxed foods found in the freezer section at the grocery store, and before they realize it, they gain ugly belly fat from the excess sugar and sodium in those so-called health foods.

She shows you how eating too much meat can be harmful to your body and she also blows the myth away that you cannot satisfy your protein requirements without eating meat. She will tell you that how eating the right vegetarian diet - full of healthy living foods, anti-oxidants, and nutrient-rich meals – will make you have more energy than a teenager, plus the complexion of a cover model and the healthiest body of anyone at any age.

The vegetarian life style is becoming popular because it really works, most of the celebrities of Hollywood for example Brad Pitt, Christie Brinkley, Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carl Lewis, Bodybuilder Bill Pearl, Alicia Silverstone, Martina Navratilova, Liv Tyler and Anthony Robbins have adopted the vegetarian lifestyle.

This program also teaches you that how you can adopt to vegetarian foods with convenience and how they can be cooked faster and more conveniently than meat meals. Moreover the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program so that you don’t have anything to lose other than Fat!

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Dugis Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Dugis Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Dugies World of Warcarft guide has been created by Dave Farwell (Dugi), a WOW expert with over 7860 hours of play time to his credit. The guide includes information about different aspects of the game like leveling, professions, PVP, making gold, etc. Whats more, it’s regularly updated so as to be up-to-date with game patches and expansions.

The Guide has three general sections. Section one is from pages 1-80 and it’s a leveling guide covering all classes for the Alliance and the Horde. Like all good guides, it uses an in-game leveling add-on to make it as easy to use as possible. This in-game guide is great because you don’t have to switch back and forth between the game and the guide like in some other guides.

The setup process is easy and configures itself depending on your current character. You’ll learn exactly where to go, who to talk with and what to do. The guide keeps a marker on your map and shows a directional arrow on your screen after you accept a quest. The marker and arrow will lead you to the next step in the quest.

Something that you see in this guide and don’t find in other guides is that their talent guide is also in-game. You can just select the given templates which assign your talent points to the best spec for your character.

The second section of the guide is about making gold. Something to remember is that you won’t need to farm gold when you’re leveling to 80. The quests that you do in the first part will provide you with pretty much all the funding you need during that phase. It’s really only after you’ve leveled up that you’ll be able to really make bank anyway. Having said that , the gold making guide does teaches you how  to make gold quickly for your mounts at levels 30 and 60 since having them makes leveling that much faster. The main focus of the gold guide is where to go to farm rare items, and how to win the auction house game. You can also learn leveling up every Profession with the gold guide.

The third and final section of the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide teaches you how to be successful in player versus player combat (PVP). This is probably one of the best parts of the guide. Combat types are covered in detail, and it teaches you what you should do in order win from any class and race combination that you may face in WoW. You learn about which talents you should choose for every battle. There are even macros that you can copy.

The Ultimate WoW Guide has just about every aspect of World of Warcraft explained in detail. There’s a mount of information that you get from this unlike any other guide. Other guides normally cover one aspect of game play and the info you get from this guide is better than those individual guides.

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Clever Plug-ins for Wordpress-SEO Booster PRO


Clever Plug-ins for Wordpress-SEO Booster PRO - The next step after choosing a topic and creating a Wordpress blog about it is to optimize it so that more people can see what you have to offer. This can be either done manually or with the help of software that automatically performs different SEO functions. If you have few blogs then it may be easy for you to do everything on your own, but if you are running a large number of blogs then automated software can be very useful thing to have. SEO Booster is one such software offered by CleverPlugins.com.  It tracks, analyzes and utilizes the incoming searches from the search engines.

CleverPlugins develop WordPress plugins that can help you in your work or automate different function that you need to perform as a Blogger. Here are the different ways in which SEO Booster PRO can help you.

Your incoming visitors from Google are automatically tracked by SEO Booster PRO. It researches the current ranking of the keyword, and starts promoting the best suited keywords.

With the recently added v1.5 feature you can automatically boost your title-tags. It’s a very useful function for fine-tuning your WordPress Theme. The plug-in shows you the most popular incoming searches for even better onsite SEO. You can find keywords that can be targeted to further increase the number of visitors to your blog. You can save the data on a spreadsheet by exporting it.

With the SEO Booster PRO you can choose the settings that fit your requirements. The software upgrades are given to you for free. Whenever there is a new version available, you will receive it in your email. You are also given a personal license to use the software so you don’t have to buy it again for another blog.

You can ask any questions that you have about the plug-in through the website’s support page or you can send an email to admin@mywordpress.com .The price of the product is $29.95 and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


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Chopper Tattoo - Get A Design That You Like


If you have decided to get a tattoo and you are searching for the right design for yourself, you need to make sure that you make the right choice, because the design will be there for life. Searching the right design for you can be fun yet stressing and difficult also.

Chopper tattoo is a tattoo design website which makes it easy for you to search the right design for yourself with its design gallery comprising of about 4000 tattoo designs. The site claims to have the largest design database on the net which is updated regularly.

When you have purchased the membership you will have many different categories to choose from in the membership area. The categories include Tribal Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Star Tattoos, Gothic Tattoos, Armband Tattoos and many more categories.

The best feature of the site besides its impressive collection of designs is the ease of use of the members’ area of the website. It’s a really simple layout, and you don’t have to be a computer nerd to find your tattoo design quickly.

You can search as many designs as you want to and you can also customize your search according to size, category and color. After you have selected your design you can simply download it, print it and take it your tattoo artist.

If you are an aspiring tattoo artist yourself, then you can increase your exposure because there is a section of the site that allows you to submit your designs. The section on lettering will give you a lot of ideas on different styles and lets you customize whatever ideas that you have right on to your computer.

The site also offers some bonuses; you can play games and download your favorite music while searching for a tattoo for you.

Chopper Tattoo memberships are priced reasonably. One of the things that you will like about Chopper Tattoo is its flexible membership choices. It offers three membership plans to choose from according to your need:

•    1 Month - $19.95
•    2 Months - $24.95
•    Lifetime - $34

Obviously if you are only planning on getting one tattoo in your lifetime the 1 month membership makes sense. But for those people who are planning more tattoos in future and for tattoo freaks lifetime membership is recommended.

The site also offers a refund policy; if you are not satisfied with their services they offer you a full refund.

However some members have criticized that the tattoo category pages have big horizontal banner ads on each side of it, which you don’t expect on a membership site but this may not be an issue for everyone.

In short if you are looking for a tattoo that suits you chopper tattoo can help you a lot in a very reasonable cost compared to other such sites and the flexible membership plans also make it suitable for every type of users.

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Build Your Own Electric Car


Build Your Own Electric Car - This product is offered by a Les and Jane who have been living “off grid” for the past 15 years. They drive their own homemade electric car and use solar and wind energy to run their house. 

Their book reveals the method that they used to convert their car to run on electricity at a cost that they, as regular people, could afford. The cost of the whole process is a few hundred dollars. And they will also show you how to complete a 100 miles with one charging.

You will learn in a step-by-step the method of converting your car to electric power and how to reduce the money that you pay for fuel to nearly zero.

This method is not only an effective way to get great mileage for less, but it also helps the environment. The use of fuel increases the amount of harmful gases in the environment which has a negative affect on the overall environment and particularly on the local environment.  By adapting to this method of running your vehicle you are also doing a favor to our environment.

You will be pleased to learn that the IRS gives refunds to people who are using environmentally friendly methods of living. In this book you will learn how to benefit from this as well.

In the book you will learn how to replace the expensive batteries that you have to buy for running your car on electricity. You can keep a whole bank of used batteries in great shape for years.

The car speed is something that you may be concerned about because without speed there’s no point in wasting money on such methods. The authors say that your electric powered car will easily achieve freeway speeds. This means that in terms of performance there will be no issues at all.

For the couple, however, this electric vehicle conversion is only part of what has been a 15 year journey to find the ultimate way to maintain a normal lifestyle and live green at the same time.

The price of the book “Build Your Own Electric Car” is $19.97 dollars. There is also  "The Going Green Value Pack" on offer, which includes  “Build Your Own Electric Car” + 4  other books each with information on different methods (solar panels,  wind generators and bio diesel production )of  using “green” energy  . With this package you will be able to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is available for $49.97. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don’t find the information useful.

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12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James

A program called 12 month millionaire was recently released by Russell Brunson, which is a 6 part audio interview with direct mail marketer. This program is based on Vince James now out of print book 12 Month Millionaire.

Vince James is a former convicted criminal, who makes more money per year than most CEOs of very large companies; He reportedly has made 100 million dollars by doing direct mail marketing which is an offline type of marketing. He has taught internet marketers ways to make money in his book. Russell Brunson decided to interview him to see how it could help his own internet marketing business improve.

12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James

Russell Brunson himself has made millions of dollars by applying the techniques learned from Vince James, and he is now also called upon to deliver lectures around the world on internet marketing.
Much of the information provided in this program would be extremely useful if you really want to take your online business offline and that is the point of this interview. Vince talks about advertising in print media, radio and TV and you could easily adapt these techniques to grow an online business. However an average internet marketer may not get most of the points in this interview but a smart marketer is probably going to pick useful points and apply them to expand his marketing business.

The topics covered in different sessions of this interview are:

Session 1:
This session is about how Vincent James, a 21 years boy gets started in his million dollars business and what is his niche and how he achieved success in it. Vincent will also talk about how he set up his membership site and sold 65,000 memberships within the 12 month period.

Session 2:
It’s about information product creation and information publisher. Vincent shared his secret on how he sold more information products through direct mailing and direct marketing.

Session 3:
This interview session is about listing building and maintaining the latest information of customers and prospects. You will learn Vincent’s techniques on how he handles his list and maintains the latest contact information of his list. This session also teaches about the life time value of a customer and how you can turn these customers to be your continuous streams of income.

Session 4:
This session focuses on the advertising techniques used by Vincent that made his million dollar business a success. This is an important session on how to drive your business and convert these traffics to sales.

Session 5:
This session continues from session 4 on advertising techniques. You will see how Vincent generates his leads from commercial ads such as TV and radio advertisement.

Session 6:
This session focuses on how Vincent handles the potential problems that rise throughout his $1 million money making path. You will also learn on what actions to be taken if you find your product being cloned by unauthorized people.

This program in going to give you valuable tips on how to earn through offline marketing whether you already have some marketing experience or you are a newbie.

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